Moroccanoil® Glimmer Shine

Moroccanoil® Glimmer Shine

A light-weight, alcohol-free, non-greasy spray infused with argan oil, which attracts and reflects light to give instant shine and enhance color and highlights.


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Posted by Kristi on 2/24/2012 2:12:00 AM

We love this product.

Posted by Jo Ann Sturms on 12/15/2011 5:57:00 PM

I love this product. I received the Moroccan Oil in my first Test Tube and fell in love. Hair is so much softer and smell better and brighter.

Posted by Sonia on 12/15/2011 4:41:00 PM

Love this product, I highly recommend it does what it says and it has a nice fragrance.

Posted by Gina on 11/23/2011 1:31:00 PM

Love this! Use it wet & dry in my hair. So shiny and soft! :)

Posted by Regina Gonzalez on 11/21/2011 9:07:00 PM

I received this product in my New Beauty Testtube #21 and love it. I have dark brown/black curly hair and this Glimmer Shine make my curls so shiny and smooth and it smells wonderful!

Posted by christine c-s on 11/18/2011 5:07:00 PM

This is a great product! It smells delicious and makes my hair shiny without weighing it down or making it greasy. Thank you for letting me have the chance to test it.

Posted by Jennifer D on 11/18/2011 4:13:00 PM

Definitely the best of all of the products in the test tube. I love this spray! It really helped add shine, softness and keep some of the fizzies. Good stuff! ; )

Posted by Belkys on 11/14/2011 3:31:00 PM

I love this product. I was blessed with fabulous thick long hair, but this stuff takes it over the top. People stop me every single day to ask me what I use.

Posted by Tiffany Daniels on 11/14/2011 2:50:00 PM

Anything Moroccanoil is amazing, I have very thick curly dry frizzy hair, and you never could have told me in a million years that putting oil in my hair would do what Moroccanoil does, not only does it smell great, but it leaves my hair like no other product ever has...It is truly a miracle....

Posted by christina bradshaw on 11/13/2011 7:47:00 PM

i have curly hair and this is a very light weight way to get rid of frizz and lock in the perfect natural curl.

Posted by Nichole G on 11/12/2011 9:48:00 PM

I like how it gives you just the right amount of shine without being too greasy. The smell is mild and clean. Thank you for the sample. Love this one!!

Posted by Therese C on 11/11/2011 1:44:00 PM

This is an amazing product. It is light, does not weigh my fine hair down & just leaves my hair with a reflective shine! It makes my hair look & feel vibrant & healthy. LOVE it!!

Posted by Therese C on 11/11/2011 1:41:00 PM

This is right up there with the oil, it is light, does not weigh my fine hair down. I have body & a TON of reflective shine! Morrocan Oil hits another one out of the park AGAIN!

Posted by Megan on 11/11/2011 2:29:00 AM

This is perfect if you use a dry shampoo on your roots and need extra shine on your ends. I love all Moroccanoil products! Smells amazing and the ingrediants are worth the buy.

Posted by Patty Lee on 11/7/2011 3:56:00 PM

Has a wonderful smell, not heavy and beautiful shine. Love it

Posted by Camela Cox on 11/3/2011 11:00:00 AM

I LOVE this stuff! Makes my dark hair so shiny and smells amazing! Thank you for letting us try in our test tube! Will definitely be purchasing in the future!

Posted by tornado ali on 10/31/2011 11:02:00 PM

This stuff smells amazing and makes my hair look and smell great. Adds shinr- but not grease.

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